The Story of Bakluva

Our Story

Bakluva was founded by the Neofotistos family of New Castle, PA and its mission is inspired by the story of our parents’ experiences both in early life in Greece and as immigrants to the US. In 1975, our parents moved from Greece to the United States. They both found jobs in the restaurant business and after many years of hard work, they were able to start their own restaurant in Grove City, PA.

Our mother is an incredible pastry chef and has been making her own baklava recipe for the restaurant, family, and friends for many years. It is loved by everyone who tastes it! With this in mind, we thought, “Why not share this love with others in our community?” 

Our Mission

We founded bakluva with the mission to uplift our community and bring joy and happiness to family, friends, and loved ones.

We plan to do this in two ways: 

  • Encourage our customers to purchase our product as a gift to send to their friends and loved ones, and
  • Donate a portion of our revenue to nonprofit organizations aligned with our focus
Through our #spreadthelove campaign, we encourage customers to send bakluva to their friends as gifts. When a customer makes an order on our site, they will have the option to send the same item they purchased to a friend. We want to pass the love on to our community in Pittsburgh and Southwestern PA in any way we possibly can.
We are focused on donating a portion of our revenue to nonprofit organizations that provide educational and developmental opportunities for our communities young people (ages 0-19) We will focus on addressing the inequalities of opportunity in underserved communities in our region.