Share The Luv Campaign

We are excited to announce our partnership with Hello Neighbor!

Hello Neighbor works to improve the lives of recently resettled refugee and immigrant families by matching them with dedicated neighbors to guide and support them in their new lives. Food is the great connector in our communities and beyond. Through shared family-to-neighbor meals and experiences and popular organized bake sales, Hello Neighbor has been able to connect refugee families to Pittsburgh in a language everyone can understand- the luv language of food.

The Neofotistos family invites you to #sharetheluv with your neighbors, friends and family in honor and support of our friends at Hello Neighbor. When you #sharetheluv and purchase a second box of Bakluva as a gift for someone you luv, 100% of all proceeds from the gifted box will support the work of Hello Neighbor.


How Does It Work?

It's Simple!

Step 1: Buy 2 boxes of bakluva

Step 2: We donate the revenue from one of the boxes to a worthy cause

There's no limit so buy as many as you like. For example, if you buy 4 boxes, revenue from 2 of the boxes will be donated.


How do I ship to friends and family that live at different addresses?

If you'd like to ship orders to multiple addresses, follow these instructions at checkout

1. Go to checkout

2. In the top left hand corner, check Ship to Multiple Addresses

3. Select how many boxes you want to go to each address